We advise our clients as they deploy and leverage the power of telecommunications. We work with our clients across all areas of telecommunications infrastructure, equipment, networks, applications, services, spectrum, investment, implementation, use and monetisation. We also offer fully-integrated advice on telecoms mergers and acquisitions, tax, employment, regulation, competition, technology, data protection and privacy, cyber security and outsourcing to support all of our clients’ telecommunications related activities.

Our team is comprised of thought leaders in the Nigerian telecommunication industry and we anticipate and respond to the effect and legal implications of the adoption of new telecommunications technologies and means of telecommunications. With our deep industry knowledge, we support our clients in areas including:


  • telecommunications collaboration, sharing or cooperation projects and strategic partnerships, including advising on mobile virtual network operator arrangements and agreements;
  • bidding for or otherwise acquiring and maintaining appropriate telecommunications or spectrum licences;
  • legal and regulatory environments and frameworks relating to telecommunications and related ecosystems, including advising on the application of telecommunications regulation to business activities;
  • monetising assets and improving efficiencies by opening-up and sharing infrastructure, including advising on long-term network and infrastructure sharing arrangements and agreements;
  • identifying and managing risks in the deployment, use, sale or purchase of telecommunications assets, including hardware procurement and maintenance agreements;
  • shaping and protecting processes for data, applications and content collection, licensing-in, use, manipulation and monetization; and
  • data privacy, protection and cybersecurity issues.