Data Privacy & Cybersecurity

The data privacy and cybersecurity landscape is evolving more rapidly than ever before, and the threats to personal information, businesses’ critical information and assets—as well as to their bottom lines—are only increasing. Breaches continue to grow in scale and sophistication, regulators are expanding and shifting requirements, and litigation remains perilous.

It has become imperative, now more than ever, that businesses think strategically about data privacy, data security and the cyber threats they face—whether to consumer or employee information, intellectual property or product safety—and take practical steps to address the associated legal, business and reputational risks. Advocaat is at the helm of that and is ready and geared to offer a comprehensive and integrated approach to cybersecurity and data privacy challenges, offering our clients strategic thinking and practical legal advice.

Our lawyers have deep knowledge and a practical understanding of the cybersecurity and data privacy statutes and regulations in Nigeria and surrounding regions including:

  • The Nigerian Data Protection Regulation

  • The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

  • The Cybercrimes (Prohibition and Prevention) Act

  • Other statutes applicable to evolving issues in cybersecurity and data privacy.

Data Breach & Crisis Management

  • Counselling companies, executives and boards of directors on developing and implementing crisis management strategies
  • Coordinating breach notification responses and other regulatory obligations
  • Liaising with federal government, state law enforcement and regulatory officials, and international regulators
  • Assisting companies with prompt and effective media strategies

Counselling & Audits

  • Conducting data privacy, protection and compliance audits
  • Counselling related to compliance with laws and regulations governing privacy, social media, data security, online advertising, and related issues
  • Overseeing network security, privacy and cybersecurity compliance audits
  • Advising on data compliance strategies and the development of data protection and Internet enforcement compliance programs
  • Conducting assessments of privacy and data security programs

Preparedness & Transactional Due Diligence

  • Advising boards of directors and in-house counsel on governance matters, privacy and cybersecurity policies and procedures, risk management frameworks, incident response plans, and best practices related to preparedness
  • Performing privacy and information security due diligence in support of mergers and acquisitions and other corporate transactions
  • Advising on all aspects of technology-, data- and privacy-related corporate transactions
  • Counseling on securities law disclosures
  • Advising on legislative and regulatory developments