Corporate Governance

The environment in which public companies operate is becoming increasingly regulated and complex and corporate governance matters now warrant proactive legal advice. As the scrutiny of board composition, competence, and oversight intensifies, the need for proactive and effective interaction with regulators, shareholders, and other stakeholders has never been more important.

At Advocaat, we help our clients with the drafting of corporate governance frameworks and also advise in the development of an effective crisis-avoidance strategy, and should a crisis arise, we are equipped to respond vigorously on behalf of our clients. The governance and compliance programs offered by Advocaat are comprehensive and are tailored to the needs of each client. What we provide is practical and vigilant representation for the full range of corporate governance matters, including:

  • board composition, structure and requirements
  • director and officer liability and insurance
  • codes of ethics
  • regulatory and internal investigations
  • whistleblower procedures
  • executive compensation
  • litigation avoidance
  • audit and independent board committee issues.

We combine deep regulatory and industry knowledge with extensive experience in government relations, litigation, internal investigations, and securities law compliance to provide a comprehensive and holistic approach to problem-solving.