Capital Markets

Navigating the capital markets can be very challenging and regulation and deregulation are constantly reshaping the economic landscape. Economic uncertainty continues, both in emerging and developed markets and factors such as globalization, sustainability, protectionism, technology and other changes are significantly disrupting the business environment.

In the rapidly changing economic climate, financing via the capital markets has become more prominent as a cost-effective alternative to traditional debt raising, with issuers now able to obtain more favourable terms from lenders. This brings new opportunities as well as new challenges for market participants.

Advocaat assists in deciding on the best transaction structure to meet our client’s objectives. We work diversely with our clients including those looking for capital to grow their business, expand into new markets, or strengthen their balance sheet.

Our team has a deep understanding of how the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) works and we help in navigating capital raising. Our team also serve clients across many industries, including in multiple sectors of the energy industry (including renewables), aviation, finance, agriculture, real estate, telecommunications, and technology, and works in close coordination with lawyers from every practice group of our full-service firm to address environmental, tax, regulatory, and other issues that may arise in the course of an offering.