Dispute Resolution


Dispute Resolution

The increased globalization of world markets has helped in the boom of commercial opportunities for corporate entities and or individuals. These opportunities are fraught with legal risks which invariably increase the potential for legal liability by exposing corporations to financial & reputational risk across multiple jurisdictions.
Lawyers within Advocaat Law Practices’Dispute Resolution group mitigate the risks involved in these transactions by working closely with our lawyers from corporate commercial, energy & infrastructure and finance groups in identifying areas of potential disputes that may affect our client’s business. The dispute resolution practice group proffer Solutions to our clients and assist them in the mitigation of the risks with a relentless drive to delivering results when a dispute or regulatory intervention is unavoidable.
Lawyers within this practice group are versed in the procedures and rules of evidence required for prosecuting civil matters and put their years of experience to bear when the need arises for arbitration, mediation or conciliation of our client’s disputes.

“No Victor no Vanquished”

– Yakubu Gowon

Jacob Famodimu

Senior Associate